Friday, June 13, 2008

How Would You Spend $12.75 Billion?

Whether you would want to invest half of it, splurge as much of it as fast as possible, or you wanted to buy the nation of Zambia, I doubt that the economists at the Copenhagen Consensus have the same idea that you do.

The Copenhagen Consensus is a group of economists brought together to solve the world's problems using welfare economics to determine the best plans of action using cost/benefit principles. Some of the issues that they have drawn out plans for include: malnutrition, trade, disease, education, Women's schooling and rights, global warming, clean water, and air pollution.

In their recently released results, they budget $18.75 billion towards the world's problems that looked astonishingly similar (read exactly like) this:

Now I haven't quite figured out whether or not I agree with their budgeting, but I do like the fact that it exists. Now, the only question is, who will listen? 

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