Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sorry Dick (Cheney) The World Says No, No, No!

Ok, so I have a new favorite site, it is the WPO site that I told you about the other day

They released a new report this week detailing how people (for some reason) are against torture! And again backing up my earlier statements that Bush (and cronies) should move to Nigeria. 

I think this document should be an eye-opening document for the Bush Administration. Well, maybe they will listen to the opinion of the world over just the United States. Or is it that all of them are terrorist supporting countries (I doubt that Mexico, Great Britain, or Poland are harboring/supporting many "terrorists" but I may be wrong.). Nonetheless, I think that if 57% of the world's population says that torture is wrong in any form and only 26% say they would accept limited torture of TERRORISTS (No, Bush and Co. NOT suspected terrorists, but honest-to-goodness terrorists.) that this should be the turing point whereby Bush, Alito, Gonzales, and Cheney all say "Sorry world, we've been allowing the torture of people and many of them are not shown to be directly linked to terrorists. And by all means, we deserve to be held accountable for our crimes," (ICC take note!). But let's be honest, this will not happen. It should but it won't. 

Moreover, if you are among the 26% or the 9% here then please give me some rational because after reading about torture in so many ways this past fall (in a class designed to spark discussions on torture) I simply can't in good conscience say "Go ahead and water-board this man for information," in any situation I can imagine. 

I am constantly reminded of the story of Omelas. Where one person is tortured in order to bring about prosperity for the rest of the community. But the ending is what gets me. Those that chose not to walk around and act as if everything is ok despite the knowledge of what is occurring receive a much better life.  As such I just have to say, I am one who walks away from Omelas. 

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