Friday, June 27, 2008


Well, I've become a bit of a newsjunkie. I spend hours on end on this new website I've found. It is from the Havaria Information Service. They compile important news alerts from around the world onto one giant map. You can see volcano eruptions, earthquakes, droughts, typhoons, hurricanes, wildfires, large scale vehicle incidents, etc on this site. It is amazing. 

Basically what I find the most interesting is that it reports things that you would never normally hear about, such as the 27 earthquakes to hit the Baltic Region in the past 3 days (all around 3.0, but still), the wildfires in Turkey, volcano eruptions in Meso-America, and more. YAY!

Here it is!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Tomas, I can see how you can spend hours lost in the news around the world. What a great website. AB